Smallville – Isis Casting, Chole's Return

Isis_CameronEonline’s Ask Ausiello column reveals that the person who will be playing Isis on SMALLVILLE’s fifth episode this year is none other than Erica Durance, the CW’s series’ Lois Lane.
Executive producer Brian Peterson says  “It’s an inhabitation story… Lois is actually going to be possessed by the spirit of Isis.”
To somewhat clarify things, this episode, entitled Isis, is NOT going to be the current DC Comics character Isis— but rather the Egyptian goddess Isis. 
However,  there is supossededly some nod to the DC character, who was inspired by the character created by Filmation to be a female counterpart to Captain Marvel on the 70’s live action SHAZAM TV series. (Played by Joanna Cameron, pictured.)
Also discussed was Alison Mack’s Chloe Sullivan character, who will appear in the season premiere, and then not return until mid-season “in a very impactful way in Clark’s life”, accoring to Peterson.

“It’s a great wrap-up to her character, and it also dovetails into the Chloe/Oliver relationship.”

Alison Mack,  no longer a regular and concentrating on her stage career, will appear in five episodes in this final season, the series’ tenth.

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