Sense of Wonder: Summer Sci-Fi Movie Preview on The Chronic Rift

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed on the subject of this summer’s science-fiction, fantasy, and horror movies for The Chronic Rift. The Rift is a website podcast of an old New York-based cable access show from the ’90s; a couple times a month they provide news, reviews and analysis about what’s going on in the world of genre entertainment in movies, books, television, and comics. During my discussion, we touched on some of the big summer blockbusters like WOLVERINE, STAR TREK, and TERMINATOR SALVATION, but we also took time to throw some attention toward lesser known titles like MOON, a new science ficton film starring Sam Rockwell (GALAXY QUEST) and PONYO, the latest from anime auteur Hayao Miyazaki.
You can listen to the podcast below or at this link. I’ll be back shortly to post a longer article, based on the notes I made in preparation for the interview.


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