Sam Worthington is DAN DARE

sam_worthington Variety reports that Sam Worthington (AVATAR) is now offically attached to star in Warner Brothers’ DAN DARE, produced by Basil Iwanyk’s (CLASH OF THE TITANS) Thunder Road Pictures.
Worthington had confirmed his involvment back in March, it looks like things are now firming up.
DanDare_artDan Dare: Pilot of the Future was created by Frank Hampson in 1950, as a comic strip in The Eagle, a kind of newsprint magazine for youngters. Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare was a kind of gentlemanly RAF officer in space, intially set in the near-furture of 1990. He was a member of the Interplanet Space Fleet, flying his ship the Anastasia with his loyal comedic side-kick Digby.
Most of the action took place in a much more hospitable version of the solar system, full of life-bearing planets, much like the early Buck Rogers strips and 1930’s pulp science fiction. The major villain was the evil green-skinned, over-sized bald-headed mutant The Mekon, ruler of the Treens of Venus.
(Davros, creator of the Daleks in DOCTOR WHO, was patterned after The Mekon.)
Dan Dare had his own radio series, carried not on the BBC, but instead the commercial Radio Luxembourg, begining in 1951 for a five year run. Noel Johnson, BBC Radio’s DICK BARTON, played the lead.
DanDAre_DVD,jpgOver the years, TV and movie versions were in developement, but nothing came to fruition until 2002, when the CGI-animated DAN DARE: PILOT OF THE FUTURE aired on the UK’s Channel Five.
Colin Frewin and Dan Lin (SHERLOCK HOLMES) will executive produce the film, with no writer yet announced.

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