Patrick; 300: Rise of an Empire; Ernest and Celestine – Dossier Fantastique 5-10

Patrick-300-Ernest composi copy
Time to delve into Dossier Fantastique once again! Unfortunately, Cinefantastique podcaster Lawrence French was missing in action from this episode, but Dan Persons and Steve Biodrowski do their best to fill the void. This week’s contents include capsule reviews of three theatrical features (PATRICK; 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE; ERNEST AND CELESTINE); a rundown of the week’s home video releases, including a review of IN FEAR (arriving on DVD and Blu-ray just four days after a limited platform release); and a 50th anniversary look back at Ib Melchoir’s THE TIME TRAVELERS (1964).
Note: Because Hollywood failed to release a new horror/fantasy/science fiction film worthy of close consideration, there will be no Spotlight Podcast this week.

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