Paramount digs up Pet Semetary

Hollywood Reporter informs us that Paramount is moving closer to resurrecting the long-dorman PET SEMETARY franchise, based on the 1983 novel by Stephen King. Matthew Greenberg, who adapted King’s 1408 to the screen, will handle the screenplay, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producting.
The 1989 film adaptation of PET SEMETARY, directed by Mary Lambert and starring Denise Crosby, earned high marks after a long string of box office duds based on King stories. However, in retrospect, the positive reaction seems a bit exaggerated – the result of lowered expectations rather than high-quality, and it is not particularly easy to imagine much potential in reviving the  premise (which already yielded one forgotten sequel, suggesting that the fairly basic idea – a cemetery that revives the dead – can stretch only so far).
Screenwriter Greenberg’s other horror, fantasy, and science fiction credits include REIGN OF FIRE, HALLOWEEN H20, and MIMIC.

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