Pacific Rim featurettes

In “Oversized Robots,” Guillermo Del Toro discusses his upcoming film, in which giant monsters emerge from a dimensional portal deep in the ocean, and humanity responds by placing warriors in colossal  robots. In particular, the director notes the necessity of including practical effects to convey the physicality of the situation; in PACIFIC RIM, this took the form of a four-story tall set, complete with a rig, for the head of the robot, so that the actors would bounce around as if battling an opponent.
Fans of Japanese kaiju films such should get a kick out of the premise of PACIFIC RIM, which deliberately recalls the GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA films of the 1990s and early 2000s (not to mention Stuart Gordon’s ROBOT JOX). In fact, the monsters in the film are even called by the word “kaiju.”

In “Drift Space,” Del Toro and cast members Charlie Hunnam and Rob Kazinsky elaborate on portraying the men controlling the robots, who must fuse their memories in order to act as one consciousness while directing a machine too large for a single person to operate.

“Con Footage” gives us a more detailed look at the story set-up than presented in the trailers.


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