Obituary: Harry Alan Towers

Variety reports that 88-year-old producer Harry Alan Towers died on July 31 after a short illness. Towers was responsible for a series of exploitation films in the 1960s and 1970s, often writing screenplays under the psuedonym “Peter Welbeck.” He produced many efforts by cult director Jess Franco and also employed Christopher Lee on many occasions, including the threadbare but relatively faithful COUNT DRACULA, which allowed Lee to portray the vampire as author Bram Stoker had described him.
Towers’ other genre credits include THE FACE OF FU MANCHU (also with Lee), which bred several sequels; NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MONSTER; THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1989) with Robert Englund; and a two-part adaptation of THE LOST WORLD, release theatrically overseas and as a television mini-series in the U.S.

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