No Star Trek for Christmas

Variety reports that Paramount has pushed back the release date of STAR TREK from December 25 to May 8, 2009. The reason given is that the film’s box office potential made it a likely summer “tentpole” movie. The move was part of some major reshuffling, apparently the result of the writer’s strike; with the strike over, studios now have the option of reworking scripts instead of sending them into production as is.

The new Enterprise

So far, the new TREK, which is under the guidance of J.J. Abrams, has the May 8 weekend to itself. X-MEN: ORIGINS opens one week earlier, and ANGELS AND DEMONS opens a week later.
Paramount’s other changing release dates include:

  • NOWHERELAND, a fantasy-comedy starring Eddie Murphy – from September 26, 2008, to April 10, 2009
  • THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BRATT – directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt – from November 26, 2008, to December 19, 2008

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