Kruger "Keeps" churning them out

Ehren Kruger, the screenwriter who hit big with THE RING, keeps churning out scripts. According to Variety, his latest is an adaptation of The Keep, a novel by Jennifer Egan:

[Roge Pictures] paid seven figures for the thriller that revolves around a mysterious prisoner who seduces a local woman with his tale of a supernatural secret that can transform her life.
Prague-based producer Matthew Stillman snatched up the rights to Egan’s tome, a follow-up to “Look at Me,” in 2006, for Kruger to adapt before shopping it to the studios.

 THE RING, based on the excellent 1998 Japanese horror film, made over $130-million at the U.S. box office. Kruger’s subsequent supernatural thrillers, including THE RING 2 and THE SKELETON KEY, have failed to match that success.

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