New Green Hornet Pic, Interview

green_hornet_RogenSuperheroHype has an interesting, 5-page set visit and interviews about THE GREEN HORNET online.
Here’s a few excerpts from their interview with director Michel Gondry.
Regarding taking on the script:

What I liked was when I was asked again by Seth and Evan was that they bring back the spirit of the action comedy that I didn’t see for a while now.
There is a sleek and immenseness in the superhero movie that I am not really a big fan of. It’s very much about the attitude and everything is as to be a like super posed. As the approach of Seth and Evan was much human and fun of course.

And on the reality-shifting fight scenes:

I was trying to find a way to enhance the fight and use a technique that has not been used before. So basically we shoot at a higher rate. We shoot with one camera and then we separate and sometimes one guy is going faster and the other guy is going slower and then the guy who gets slower gets faster and etc.
It’s sort of like you buy a time from the future and then you have to reimburse it. So what it does is it really makes the transfer of energy when somebody hits somebody else so the guy who hits the next guy goes very fast and then the guy when he receives the hit he goes faster.

Read the entire article at the link above.

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