Mother of Tears trailer

It has been twenty-seven years since Italian horror director Dario Argento filmed INFERNO (1980), the second of his “Three Mothers” trilogy, which began with SUSPIRIA in 1977. Now, he has completed MOTHER OF TEARS, and you can see the trailer below.

What’s cool about the trailer is that it seems to deliver the goods that fans would expect from the film, yet at the same time it feels quite different from its predecessors.
For those of you unfamiliar with the premise: the films concern three “Mothers of Darkness,” who “rule the world with sorrow, tears, and darkness,” while ensconced in elaborate mansion scattered around the globe: one in Germany, one in Rome, and one in New York.  The “Mother of Sighs” was featured in SUSPIRIA ; the “Mother of Darkness” is the focus of INFERNO ; the the Third Mother – the “most beautiful of the sisters” (who briefly appeared in INFERNO )- returns in MOTHER OF TEARS.
Early reports indicated that the new film would be titled THE THIRD MOTHER. Thankfully, that trailers shows the title as MOTHER OF TEARS, which is much better. The other title would be significant only to hardcore Argento fans; the new title at least has a little poetry to it, enough possibly to get people intrigued (although I’m sure Hollywood – should they deign to even consider releasing the movie – would want a more crude, horrific title).

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