More 'Spider-Man' Pics

Spiderman-5Adding to the Marvel Movie Material that’s piling up lately, is featuring several pictures of Andrew Garfield and/or more likely just his stuntman doing location stunts for Marc Webb’s still untitled SPIDER-MAN reboot. 
Note the “sandal / slippers” to protect the feet— and probably provide better traction for the stunts.
The costume is certainly different, but I can’t grouse too much. We already had him in the pretty true to the comics outfit in the Sam Raimi trilogy. 

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Looks like the stunt suit doesn’t have the webbing detail (the TV show long-distance climbing suit didn’t either)—unless this reflects an early version of the costume.
More photos at the link above.
Meanwhile, On Location Vacations is offering Stunt-Spidey in full swing.


spider-man6_OLV“Can he swing from a crane?
Safety harness— if he’s got a brain!”

Yeah, I think that song-wrting gig is still beyond my grasp.

Via SuperheroHype.

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