More on 'The Thing' Delay

The_Thing_WinsteadAfter Universal’s announcement that it was pulling the prequel to THE THING from its April 2011 release date, producer Marc Abraham confirmed to  Hitflix  that they are going back into production for “additional photography”. 

These will include some of the  principal performers, including star  Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He isn’t calling these re-shoots, but says they need to “enhance existing sequences”,  clarify some plot points and add “punctuation” to the film.
Special effects unit photography is ongoing, but that’s to be expected in post-production on this kind of feature. Reshoots with the main actors are usually a sign of more serious trouble with a film; script problems,  unsatisfactory footage/performances, or ommisions in coverage—sometimes not noticed until the rough cut is finished.
THE THING is director Matthijs van Hijningen Jr.’s first feature-length film.
The article states that a cut of the film exists, and that the producers expect the film to be ready early next year—though a new spot will have to be found for THE THING on Universal’s schedule.

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