More casting for SyFy's 'Alphas'

Syfy has announced two new cast members for its previously announced pilot ALPHAS.
Laura Mennell
(WATCHMEN) will play Nina Theroux.L_MEnnell

” Seductive, intelligent and confident, Nina’s Alpha ability allows her to influence people into doing whatever she wishes but her power can sometimes spin out of control. Her skill also comes with a personal drawback in that she can never be sure if anyone’s feelings for her are real. Nina was the first team member enlisted by Dr. Rosen ((David Strathairn)  to whom she remains extremely loyal. “

malikyoba1Malik Yoba (DEFYING GRAVITY) has been cast as  Bill Harken, a former FBI agent.

“Harken’s Alpha skill allows him to intentionally activate a ‘fight-or-flight mechanism’ producing a power surge of adrenaline giving him increased strength, speed and immunity from pain.”

Syfy’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Mark Stern said:  “Malik and Laura are perfect additions to an already impressive ensemble cast. They both have great intensity and charisma. We look forward to seeing them breathe life into the complex characters of Harken and Nina.”
The screemplay is by Zak Penn (X-MEN: THE LANST STAND), and will be directed by LOST’s Jack Bender.
ALPHAS is scheduled to begin shooting in Toronto next month.

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