Man's Fragile Nature Examined In THE EXPERIMENT

The things people do for money. While not much has previously been known about Adrian Brody’s new direct-to-DVD film THE EXPERIMENT, this week saw the release of it’s 1st trailer…and boy is it a doozie!
THE EXPERIMENT – based loosely on the infamous 1971 Stanford prison experiment as well as the 2001 German film DAS EXPERIMENT – follows 26 men as they sign up for a unique psychological experiment. They are each placed within a prison and divided up into two groups – Prisoners and Guards. Should any violence occur during the experiment, the red light will flash signaling the end of the event and no pay for anyone. Not much else can be said that cannot be gleaned from the trailer, save to say that this probably won’t be described as “The feel good comedy of the year”. Despite the Direct-to-DVD status, the film boasts a very strong cast including Clifton Collins, Jr. (CAPOTE), Forest Whitaker (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND), Maggie Grace (LOST, TAKEN), and Fisher Stevens (LOST).
The DVD release date has been set for September 21st, 2010.

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