Man of Steel 58% rotten on tomato-meter

Man of Steel Superman with soldiers
Film critics escort Man of Steel to the "rotten" jail.

Two days ago I noted that MAN OF STEEL had an impressive 84% rating among critics at Rotten Tomatoes. Since then, more reviews have come in, and the rating has plummeted to 58%, moving the film out of the “fresh” category into the “rotten” designation. Statistically, it is not immensely surprising that the early average rating would be somewhat volatile – it takes a while for enough reviews to be averaged together to give a broad consensus – but it is remarkable that almost all of the trend has been in the negative direction, creating a 26% drop in two days.
Perhaps later reviewers have been over-reacting against the early positive reviews. Perhaps more traditional fans of Superman are getting a glimpse of the rebooted version and not liking what they see. Personally, I found MAN OF STEEL to be a mixed bag, but on balance the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. No doubt the film will still be a superhero at the box office, but what initially looked like a triumph that would silence naysayers and skeptics, now seems to be a bit more polarizing.

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