Mad Harriet Attacks 'Smallville'

CLICK FOR LARGER posted this picture of Lindsay Hartley (PASSIONS) as ‘Mad Harriet’ on The CW’s SMALLVILLE.

Scheduled to appear in the November 12th episode ‘Abandoned’ Hartely, the real-life wife of Justin Hartley, the show’s Green Arrow, plays the Freddy Kruger-clawed Harriet, one of Granny Goodness’s (Christine Willes) Female Furies (created by Jack Kirby).
In the comics, those claws are charged with a powerful, unearthly energy. Likely they will be in the episode as well, since she goes after the investigating Clark Kent, who she sees as a danger to Granny’s decidedly unorthodox orphanage.
The busy episode will also feature the return of Kal-El’s Kryptonian parents, Julian Sands (Jor-El), Helen Slater (Lara), and an appearance by Teri Hatcher (LOIS & CLARK) as Lois Lane’s deceased mother, Ella Lane.
Granny Goodness, Mad Harriet and other of DC Comics’ New Gods-related characters reflect the season-long threat of Darkseid’s attempt to infiltrate Earth. First seen in the  Mister Miracle comic book  in 1972, the green-haired Harriet also appeared on the SUPERMAN ANIMATED series, and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED. Her look on SMALLVILLE is considerably toned-down.

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