Machine Girl trailer has a brief post pointing us to the trailer for MACHINE GIRL, a Japanese horror film about a girl who takes bloody revenge on the Yakusa ninjas who killed her brother and severed her arm. The plucky girl replaces her arm with a multi-barreled machine gun and levels the karma of the perpetrators post-haste. (The post compares this to the Rose McGowan character in GRINDHOUSE, but judging from the trailer the real similarity is to Bruce Campbell in EVIL DEAD 2.) Apparently, the revenge-crazed “Machine Girl” progresses through several other mechanical attachments, including a chainsaw, a flying guillotine, and a “drill bra,” which starts to make her resemble the unfortunate title character in Shinya Tsukamot’s TETSUO (“Ironman”).

The trailer is way over-the-top in terms of violence, but I’m not completely sure that will translate into an amusing screen experience. The staging of some of the action seems ill-timed, like a bunch of amateurs trying to look cool dong martial arts but not quite getting it right.

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