London After Midnight: Mayhem Festival Line-up Confirmed

Black Rainbow (1989)As the Mayhem Horror Festival draws ever closer, the line-up of brilliant movies is now locked in place. Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules, they’ve had to drop I SELL THE DEAD. Not that this should impact them too much, as there is still plenty for the discerning horror fan to get his/her fangs into.
In addition to the film line-up, one of the extras we can look forward to is “Thrill Laboratory” with an experiment in fear and the audience’s reaction to it. Audience members wishing to take part can see details on their website, sounds like fun! Also, director Mike Hodges will appear on November 1 to introduce his 1989 cult horror film BLACK RAINBOW, starring Rosanna Arquette and Jason Robards.
The full programme complete with timings can now be found on their website at
Tickets will go on sale this Thursday and here are the prices:

  • £50 for a weekend pass gets you into everything.
  • £13.50 for a Friday 30th Pass
  • £18.00 for a Saturday 31st Pass
  • £18.00 for a Sunday 1st Nov pass

Tickets will be available at the box office or book on line at
If you fancy free admission you can always try their competition:
“Compete to meld a horror film to a non-genre film and create a hideous mutant that rampages across the land destroying everyone in its path. Take two films and slam them together using computer based magical pixie dust and send them in to us – the best example of a MONSTER MASH-UP wins a free weekend pass to Mayhem and all the goodness that this entails.”

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