Lois Lane's Dad & Sis on 'Smallville'

IronsideTV Guide broke the news that Lois Lane’s (Eric Durance) father and sister will make return appearances on SMALLVILLE this Fall.
No-nonsense General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside) and younger, rebellious sister Lucy Lane (Peyton List),  are both said to be featured in an episode of the CW series, airing in late October.
It’s been a long wait; the General and Lucy last appeared in separate  episodes back in the fourth season of the show, now in it’s tenth and final year.
Genre favorite Michael Ironside (STARSHIP TROOPERS, V: The Series) has also provived the voice of Superman’s foe Darkseid in animated form, said to be this season’s of SMALLVILLE’s maj0r menace.  Could he be enticed to do the voice-acting again? A little freaky to use Lois’s dad as the extraterestrial villain—but what a voice! 
Peyton_ListPeyton List recently appeared in the SF show FLASH FOWARD.

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