Laserblast: Waiting for Doomsday

Click to advance order DOOMSDAY on DVDOften I decry the lack of exciting DVD releases on particular weeks, but today represents an all-time low: there is literally nothing worth mentioning. Oh sure, there are a handful of obscure DTV titles, but who cares? There are no high-profile theatrical films, no classics or cult movies. Operating on the feast-or-famine principle, next week will be loaded (THE RUINS, a Blu-ray limited edition release of BATMAN BEGINS, plus several deluxe editions of previously available titles), but until July 8 arrives we must content ourselves with contemplating the impending arrival of DOOMSDAY on DVD and Blu-ray disc, an event scheduled for July 29. The discs will include both the theatrical versions and an unrated director’s cut, plus loads of extras.
Check below the fold for the DOOMSDAY bonus features and a list of next week’s home video releases.

  • ANATOMY OF CATASTROPHE: CIVILIZATION ON THE BRINK -Writer/Director Neil Marshall takes you inside the making of Doomsday. Meet the enormous cast and crew, experience the challenges and endurance it takes to bring a film of this massive scale to the screen and break down how all of the major stunts, explosions and fight sequences were executed.
  • THE VISUAL EFFECTS OF DOOMSDAY – Meet the visual effects wizards and see how they collaborated with Director Neil Marshall to achieve his vision in creating the compelling sets that couldn’t be built but were instead created by computer.
  • FEATURE COMMENTARY (UNRATED VERSION ONLY) – Filmmaker Neil Marshall and cast members Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Rick Warden and Les Simpson.


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