Laserblast: Spider-Man spins onto home video

A big batch of DVD releases hit store shelves this week, led by SPIDER-MAN 3. The summer blockbuster comes in a Widescreen DVD,  a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, and a Blu-ray disc. Also available is a new box set, Spider-Man – The High-Definition Trilogy. In case that is not enough for you, this week also features the DVD debut of DAY WATCH, the Russian follow-up to last year’s NIGHT WATCH. Other big DVD releases include Twin Peaks – The Definitive Gold Box Edition; Angels – Complete Series Collector’s Set; Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 2; The Outer Limits (Original Series) – Volume 3; and a set of The Outer Limits (Original Series) Volumes 1 – 3. Lots of old films show up this week as well, including The Amicus Collection, which includes three ’70s films from the British company: ASYLUM, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS, and THE BEAST MUST DIE. Giallo fans can take heart in the release of several Italian thrillers, including A BLADE IN THE DARK and STAGE FRIGHT. Lucio Fulci’s cool thriller THE PSYCHIC, starring Jennifer O’Neill, arrives on disc, along with his less well-received MANHATTAN BABY; the Lucio Fulci Collection Volume 2 double-packs that latter with THE NEW YORK RIPPER. Finally, if all the cult films start to seem merely bad – instead of enjoyably campy, there is The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Volume 12.
Check out these and other DVD releases below the fold.

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