Laserblast: Pushing Daisies just won't die

Not much to get excited about this week. The highest profile fantasy release on home video is the boxed set complete first season of PUSHING DAISIES, the whimsical piece of fluff that inexplicably became a critical darling and a ratings winner. For fans who like their fantasy British and bi-sexual, there’s TORCHWOOD – The Complete Second Season – on DVD, along with the Complete First Season on Blu-ray. And the STAR TREK franchise dips into the archives, offering an interesting collection titled “Star Trek: Alternate Realities.” (The cover image of Spock with and without his “Mirror, Mirror” beard, should give you a good idea of what to expect inside.)
Now for theatrical movies: The box office bomb SPEED RACER arrives on widescreen DVD, full screen DVD, and Blu-ray. CLOVERFIELD comes out in a Spanish-language version, retitled Monstruo. (Why bother when DVD’s allow soundtrack and subtitle options for alternate languages?) BICENTENNIAL MAN and MISSION TO MARS are double-packed; now you can endure double the pain for your money. If you have a taste for Italian exploitation cinema from the ’70s, there a new DVD of BEYOND THE DOOR, the rip-off of THE EXORCIST starring Richard Johnson and Juliette Mills (both of whom deserved better).
Finally, for all you Kevin Sorbo fans, there’s a direct-to-video film titled NEVER CRY WEREWOLF. Wonder what that one’s about?
You can find these DVDs below, or look for them in the Cinefantastique Online Store.

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