Kirksdale (2007) – Horror Film Review

KirksdaleOn my recent visit to The Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, England, I was lucky enough to catch the American short subject KIRKSDALE. With classy direction, an interesting story, and a few real cringe-inducing moments, it’s a safe bet that the movie’s writer-director Ryan Spindell is going places.
Based in 1960’s rural Florida, Kirksdale centres on a troubled teenage girl who is picked up by a corrupt policeman and driven to back the local lunatic asylum she escaped from – and what else would you expect to find there but a lunatic, this one’s running loose, which does not say much for the security of the facility! It isn’t long before the poor girl finds herself in one hell of a predicament, and if I told you anything about it, I would spoil a truly brilliant and excruciatingly horrifying scene. There’s some sadistic, jaw-dropping wrongness going on here, and it is all done with great style. Kirksdale is no ordinary horror film, and certainly packs a harder punch than some full length features.
Stylish and wonderfully atmospheric, Kirksdale surprised me, and left me wondering what Spindell could do with a full-length feature.
KIRKSDALE (2007): Director: Ryan Spindell, Writer: Ryan Spindell & Bradford Hodgson. Cast: Joshua Mikel, Greg Thompson, Jessica Mansfield, Wayne DeBary

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