Kevin Smith to Shoot Horror Film in July

Director Kevin Smith
Director Kevin Smith

Director Kevin Smith’s long delayed horror film, RED STATE, is finally becoming a reality. Speaking on his Twitter account he stated the film has financial backing and will start shooting in July. Quite where this money is coming from (Red State has so far notoriously struggled to find a studio to fund it) is unclear but Smith does mention, “coming home” which could suggest he’s been given a helping hand by old friends Harvey and Bob Weinstein.
Plot details on RED STATE have so far been scarce but what is known is that the story centres around a group of misfits encountering fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America. As the plot suggests, along with Smith’s reputation for crude comedy films, this won’t be a horror film in the traditional sense but he says, “to me it is”. Whether or not Smith can pull this one off is unsure as he’s not proved very successful at branching out of his comfort zone in the past but it’s encouraging to hear that the film is, “so bleak that it makes THE DARK KNIGHT look like STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE”.
As stated, Kevin Smith is set to start shooting in July of this year with a cinema release likely sometime next year. Do you think RED STATE has potential or is Kevin punching above his weight?

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