John Malkovich Joins…Transformers 3?!

John Malkovich
John Malkovich

Following director Michael Bay’s insistence that the third entry in the TRANSFORMERS franchise would be more character driven comes the news from his official site that he’s signed both Frances McDormand (AEON FLUX, DARKMAN) John Malkovich (MUTANT CHRONICLES, BEOWULF) for TRANSFORMERS 3.
This news is quite surprising, considering the prestige of both actors and their career paths thus far. But maybe this is exactly what TRANSFORMERS 3 needs most; some prestige and a bigger focus on the human characters. TRANSFORMERS was great fun but TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN wasn’t nearly as captivating.
TRANSFORMERS 3 starts pre-shoots in a month and is set for release July 1, 2011. What do you think, is casting Malkovich a good idea, do you even have any faith left in this franchise?

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