Iron Fist movie goes to Script

IronFist_8Deadline reports that  Marvel Studios has chosen Rich Wilkes (XXX) to write a movie based on Iron Fist,  Marvel Comics  70’s comic book super-powered martial artist.  
Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1974, and inspired by the popularity of kung-fu movies, Iron Fist was Daniel Rand, an American boy raised in the mystical city of K’un L’un after his parents were killed on the trip to the fabled place.
Trained in the martial arts, he battled a dragon, soaking his hands in it’s molten heart’s blood, and gained power of the indestructible Iron Fist. (Later stories would retcon the background to make Rand the latest in a series of Iron Fists that existed through the centuries.)
Paired for a time with Luke Cage “Power Man”, Iron Fist has been one of Marvel’s minor characters that has remained popular over the years, currently serving in The New Avengers.
Several years back, there were plans for a middle-sized budget Iron Fist movie by Artisan Entertainment , with real-world martial artist Ray Park (THE PHANTOM MENACE, X-MEN) talked about for the lead.
Now the rights are back with Marvel Studios / Disney, and it may become their second “in-house” comic book property, with a Dr. Strange film already under development.

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