IFC Midnight – VOD/DVD

centipedeIFC Entertainment announced Tuesday that it was launching a new division for genre films called IFC Midnight. This will largely be a Video on Demand and a DVD/Blu-ray distribution label.
IFC Midnight “will offer the very best in international genre cinema, including horror, sci-fi, thrillers, erotic arthouse, action and more.”
They plan to premiere four new IFC Midnight films every month on video-on-demand, but some select titles will also be released in theaters simultaneously with their VOD premieres.
MPI Media Group will distrubute the films on DVD and Blu-ray under the IFC Midnight label.
The announced schedule, thus far:

  • CELL 211  (JUNE)
  • DOGHOUSE Zombie comedy directed by Jake West. (JUNE)
  • VALHALLA RISING Viking adventure, also theatrical release.(JULY)
  • THE HORDE AKA La Horde French Zombies, cops and gangsters clash. Theatrical & VOD (AUGUST)
  • VENGANCE Theatrical & VOD (AUGUST)
  • ENTER THE VOID described as director Gaspar Noe’s follow up to IRREVERSIBLE, and based on The Tibetan Book of The Dead—though set in a Tokyo where “where the past, present and future merge into a hallucinatory maelstrom”.  Theatrical & VOD (SEPTEMBER)

Obviously, additional films will be necessary to fill out the four releases a month planned.

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