Horror at AFM

Hollywood Reporter has a brief article on the horror offerings available at the American Film Market. They mention EDEN LAKE (which was picked up by the Weinstein Company) and Stuart Gordon’s STUCK as the “high end” product on view (though Gordon’s film hardly sounds like horror – it’s a drama based on the real-life incident of a woman who let a man bleed to death on the hood of her car).
Also mentioned is the recently formed Nightmareworks, comprised of actress Tiffany Shepis, writer-director Rolfe Kanefsky, and producer Esther Goodstein. Having previously worked together on NIGHTMARE MAN, the trio’s first project for their new company will by THE DEVIL’S PIE (a deliberate misspelling of “Pi”), a comedy horror flick about sorority sisters who plan to sacrifice their new pledges to Satan. Kanefsky wrote the script for Shepis, who will make her directing debut.
Meanwhile, NIGHTMARE MAN is about to make its nationwide debut this weekend as one of the “8 Films to Die For” in this year’s After Dark Horror Fest. We’ll have more on that later, including an interview with Kanefsky.

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