Haunting sequel moves from Connecticut to Georgia

Hollywood Reporter informs us that the surprise success of THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT has engendered a sequel, to be titled THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA. Rather like SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNSLINGER (the follow-up to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF), this is less a sequel than a remake, reprising a similar situation but with a new cast of characters in a new location.
Ti West (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) will direct HAUNTING IN GEORGE WILL, taking over from Peter Cornwell, who helmed HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT. David Coggeshall will script.
Lionsgate, which released the first film, may follow suit with the sequel, but nothing is in writing yet.
HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT has earned over $55 million in U.S. theatres, making it the horror genre’s biggest ticket-seller of the year, well ahead of THE UNBORN, THE UNINVITED, and DRAG ME TO HELL.

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