Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: Cinefantastique Podcast 1:41


HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 is a bona fide box office sensation. But is it any good, or is it just a prequel for Part 2? Is this another example of movie-going as Tribal Identifier? Is IMAX the best way to see the the latest film adaptation of J.R. Rowling, or will any old widescreen engagement do? Is Dobbie the latest incarnation of the Magic Negro? And who are all these characters, and why are they taking up screen time that could be devoted to Alan Rickman? These and other questions are answered as The Chronic Rift‘s Andrea Lipinski joins Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski for this week’s Cinefantastique Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Podcast. Plus, the usual round up of news, events, and home video releases.


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    This was good stuff. I agree with Andrea that it warranted a slightly higher score than you guys gave it. Considering that I felt the book needed to be trimmed by about a quarter, the movie rolled along a quick(er) pace.
    One thing about Dobby’s burial. I interpreted Harry’s command to buy him without magic as a sign of respect. They weren’t going to do it the easy way. They were going to do it with their hands (or at least with rocks), and it would be hard labor. They would honor all the hard work Dobby did over the years with hard work of their own.

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