Giallo Trailer

The Blood-Spattered Scribe points us to the first trailer for GIALLO, the new horror-thriller from director Dario Argento. Judging from the preview, the film pulls off the neat trick of looking like classic Argento while also seeming completely contemporary. Argento’s golden period was all the way back in the ’70s through the early ’80. Since then, his career has been more miss than hit, but this year’s release of MOTHER OF TEARS showed that he still has some of the old creative fires burning within him. The word “giallo” (literally meaing “yellow”) is synonymous in Italy with violent psycho-thrillers, so its use hear as a title sounds somewhat generic. However, advance word indicates that there is a more specific meaning to the title, a reference to the killer’s appearance (the result of a medical condition). Headlined by Oscar-winner Adrienne Brody (Roman Polanski’s THE PIANIST) and Emmanuelle Seigner (Polanski’s THE NINTH GATE), GIALLO may merit a wider release in the U.S. than any Argento film has received in quite some time. (As for the casting of two stars who have appeared in Polanski films, we will simply point out that Argento often uses sly cinematic devices to reference his contemporary filmmakers, adding a sub-textual level to his thrilling thrillers.)

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