George Romero answers 10 questions at Time magazine

Director George A Romero
Director George A Romero

Time magazine has posted “10 Questions for George Romero,” in which the writer-director of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and the recent follow-up SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD responds to queries from his fans. Romero expresses admiration for Guillermo Del Tor’s PAN’S LABYRINTH, reveals that Howard Hawks’ THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD scared him, and mentions that he has a non-genre film in the works (if he can get financing) but also says that he would like to make more films in the DEAD series.
His most interesting exchange:

Do zombies have an expiration date?Zachary Williams, BURNABY, B.C.
I hope that my guys don’t have an expiration date. My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they’re where the trouble really lies. The zombies are just [swats at the air] mosquitoes.


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