'Futurama' Back From Dead (Literally)


The sci-fi animated comedy FUTURAMA is back from ‘the dead’, a fate to be shared by most of it’s characters.
Canceled by the Fox Network in 2003, and having an afterlife in Direct-To-Video movies, it’s being resurrected by Comedy Central, in 26 new half-hour episodes, begining June 24th.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Executive Producer David X. Cohen about his and creator Matt Groening’s plans for the re-animated series.

“Matt and I decided to make sure people knew right away that this was Futurama in its classic half-hour form. We wanted to quickly establish in the first episode that the characters are back from their DVD adventures. Fry and Leela return relatively quickly. Very quickly we get back to the Planet Express headquarters in New New York City — and the only slight hitch is that everybody is dead. “

"A Slight Hitch..."
"A Slight Hitch..."

(Everyone but Fry and Professor Farnsworth, it appears.)

“That episode is entitled ‘Rebirth’. We’ll get to see the Professor’s birthing machine and all the glory of artificial rebirth. It’s both a literal and figurative rebirth of the series.”

See the link above for many more details about the revived series.

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