ET Canada enters "Forbidden Kingdom"

ET Canada has posted an article by Canwest News Service reporter Jamie Portman, who interviews Jackie Chan and several other people involved with THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, an entertaining martial arts fantasy that opens Friday. The film, which teams Chan with Jet Li for the first time, is an American production, originally conceived by scriptwriter John Fusco as a bedtime story for his son.

The film features the first on-screen confrontation between Jet Li and Jackie Chan

Chan, whose own films tend to be comic-action romps, expresses concern over the viability of a full-blown period costume fantasy epic but admits that his commercial instincts have been wrong before:

“Every time I make an American film, I just trust the American director and the American writer,” Chan says jovially. Then he sinks in the knife. “Myself, I would never make this type of film. For me, these kinds of films are ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense.”
Chan doesn’t much like fantasy and fairy tales. “But it’s OK,” he shrugs. “I wouldn’t make this type of movie, but American audiences like it . . . So I agree to make this movie.”
But he’s still worried about how it will fare at the box office. “I hear so many good things about this movie. Everybody talks about it, but I still worry. It’s just like Rush Hour 1 — after I finished Rush Hour 1, I thought my career was finished. So it was a big hit. Ridiculous! Why do people make these kinds of things?”

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