Ebay auction lets you become one of "The Crazies"

The Crazies (2009)Looking for your shot at horror movie stardom? Well, now you can buy your way in, thanks to an Ebay auction that will provide one lucky winner with a walk-on role as one of the infected people in THE CRAZIES. This is your chance to prove that you, too, can play an ordinary person transformed into a terrifying, crazed killer.
Filming is schduled in Iowa on April 16. The Ebay auction page promises that “key props from the film will be available after filming.
Proceeds from the auction will benefit Greenpeace.
THE CRAZIES is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 thriller of the same name, about a small town who inhabitants turn homicidal after the accidental spill of a chemical weapon developed by the military.
Hollywood Reporter has a quote from Ricky Strauss – president of Participant Media, which deals in media that inspired social change  – explaining the rational behind the promotion:

“Since ‘The Crazies’ deals with the dangers of bio-toxins, we’re delighted to be able to offer fans the opportunity to realize their dreams of appearing in a horror film while supporting an organization dedicated to protecting the environment.”

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