Destroy All Monsters vs. Aliens, Plus Hollywood sees 3-D Gold

In Monsters Takes Tips from Vintage Villains, USA Today points out that MONSTERS VS. ALIENS directors Conrad Vernon and Rob Letterman drew inspiration from number cult science fiction films. The most important of these many influences was the 1968 kaiju monster fest DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, starring Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and many other monsters: “We watched it three or four times,” says Vernon, who was inspired by the plot involving mangy monsters freed from an island prison by galactic invaders. “We even have our villain, Gallaxhar, use the command, ‘Destroy all monsters.’ ”
The BBC takes a look at Cinema’s Third Attempt at 3-D, examining how Hollywood has embraced the new digital technology (which provides a better viewing experience that prevous 3-D processes) because the added visual impact encourages audiences to see films in theatres.

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