Del Toro as the Wolfman

Over at the Vault of Horror, Brian Solomon reacts with understandable aweto photographs of Benicio Del Toro in Rick Baker’s make-up for THE WOLF MAN, the remake of the 1941 horror classic starring Lon Chaney. The great thing about the make-up is that the overall look is instantly recognizable as being inspired by the original, while at the same time a close inspection reveals that distinguish it as its own animal. There is more hairless skin visible around the eyes, and the creased brow suggest a snarling rage. The mouth has been fashioned to suggest a slightly extended snout, with jutting teeth that look more functional. The torn shirt and hair chest are a nice touch lifted from Oliver Reed in CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. The film is being directed by Joe Johnston, from a screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker, rewritten by David Self. Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving co-star.

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