Daybreakers reviewed

SeattlePi.Com offers a review of DAYBREAKERS, the follow-up from Michael and Peter Spierig, the twin-brother directing duo behind the amusing Aussie zombie flick UNDEAD. Their new effort is a futuristic horror story, set in a world where vampires have taken over. Unfortunately for them, as their numbers outstrip those of humanity, their food source diminishes. Ethan Hawke plays a scientist trying to find a cure, but many of his vampire brethren are unwilling to give up the gift of immortality. The result, says critic Robert Cargill is everything you could want from a sci-fi horror action movie:

…the film creates a lush, dark universe in which the vampires won, humans lost, and now the world just might come to an end in a bloody orgy of self-destruction, quite literally tearing itself apart. Beautifully shot and masterfully crafted, it hits all the right notes, delivering what can best be described as a fun experience that doesn’t for a second cheat your brain out of the ride. This isn’t a “shut your brain off” action film. On the contrary, it is a great piece of speculative fiction with a lot to say about human nature and our disregard for the limits of our resources. All while rocking your face off with taut pacing, incredible action, and dark pathos.

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