'Dark Knight' Sequel – No Riddler

bbnew14Christopher Nolan revealed to The L.A. Times  that his third Batman film will be entitled THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and that it won’t feature The Riddler, as many news outlets, both print and online, have speculated.
Not willing to go into detail about plot or characters Nolan did say: ” “We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones.”
Christopher Nolan also eliminated Mr. Freeze as a potential villian, although it would be hard to imagine that sci-fi/fantasy character fitting into his more real-world grounded version of the venerable DC Comics character. 
However, he was more open about his plans about how to shoot the THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, confirming that Warner Brothers has agreed to his desire to not make the film in 3-D, and instead focus on image quality and the use of IMAX cameras, which worked quite well in selected scenes of THE DARK KNIGHT.

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