'Dark Knight Rises' Location Shoot

A big battle scene for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was shot on location in Pittsburg, on and around the campus of Carnagie Mellon’s Mellon Institute.

Christan Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy as Bane were there, coming to grips with each other, as were (reportedly) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Gotham City policeman John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, Wayne Enterprises employee.

Dark Knight_LOC2
Batman and Bane Battle.

Three military-painted Tumblers (the vehicle used as the Batmobile) were also sighted, with Hardy’s Bane atop one in one photo.
Tom Hardy as BANE
Tom Hardy as BANE

As Bane and others are wearing winter coats, I think we can assume that the material falling is supposed to be snow, rather than ash or debris.
Via The Huffington Post
 Video by cptwei

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