Cybersurfing: Will Horror Films Save Spanish Cinema?

Spain turns to genre, arthouse films: Variety features an article about the Spanish film industry’s attempt to save itself from lagging ticket sales on its home turf. Apaprently, a big part of the answer is to make high-class horror films that sell well abroad, like PAN’S LABYRINTH, THE ORPHANAGE, and [REC].

“Interesting directors are doing genre. They’re not necessarily just shockfests or purely commercial. They’ve got edge,” says Morena’s Juan Gordon, who produced “The Appeared.”
Currently, Spain boasts Europe’s only large G-hub. There’s a sense of a movement and esprit de corps. Many leading helmers studied together at Barcelona’s ESCAC Film School. They cite common influences.
“(“REC” co-director) Jaume Balaguero, Sergio Sanchez, we all grew up watching Lynch, Spielberg, Cronenberg,” says another ESCAC alum, Guillem Morales.
And Spain’s creep wave — and foreign interest — shows no subsiding:

“The times are changing, hugely” Vigalondo says. “We’re opening up a new path, and the most exciting thing is that we don’t know where it will lead.”

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