Cybersurfing: Stunts vs. Effects, Another J-Remake, and Uhura does Horror

The compute-generated HULK (2003) In “Why Action Films Need Stuntmen and Women,” Peter Hartlaub of SFGate notes that the tendency to rely on computer-generated effects has diminished the impact of many actions films (BEN HUR’s chariot race still looks great after five decades, Hartlaub notes, but HULK looks dated after five years). Hartlaub finds some reason for optimism in the trend of films like DOOMSDAY and THE DARK KNIGHT to eschew CGI in favor of old-fashioned live-action stunt work.
Japanese Fantasy ‘Yomigaeri’ Is Getting a Hollywood Remake: Cinematical’s Eric D. Snider sarcastically notes that DreamWorks has managed to find a supernatural Japanese film that has not been remade yet – and they’re going to remake it! This film is YOIGAERI (“Resurrection”) – not a horror picture, more a fantasy about people who return from the dead, looking and acting exactly as they did while alive. If you want to know more about the original, Snider offers a link to a review (in English) at the Japan Times Online.
Black Voices notes that Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura on STAR TREK) has been cast in a supporting role in the upcoming horror film DAVID, which stars Michael Pare and Elaine Hendrix as a New York couple who move to a rural farm house, which turns out to be haunted.

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