Cybersurfing: Stone Age Cinema

Google Alerts just made me aware of a fairly new blog called Stone Age Cinema, which started in January. As the name implies,  the blog is devoted to reviews of caveman movies, set in both the past (ONE MILLION B.C.) and the future (TEENAGE CAVEMAN). So far, reviewer Tom Meade has made his way through silent films like Buster Keaton’s THE THREE AGES and the 1925 version of THE LOST WORLD (featuring stop-motion dinosaurs by Willis O’Brien, who would later animated KING KONG in 1933), and FLYING ELEPHANTS (with Laurel and Hardy). His latest review is the 1940 version of ONE MILLION YEARS B.C., with Victor Mature, Carol Landis, and Lon Chaney Jr. Says Meade:

 It’s certainly not as good as One Million Years BC [the 1060s remake with Raquel Welch], mind, and I’d argue that it also fails to succeed on the more visceral level of being as much fun, but at the same time it does manage to lay-down almost all the rules of the “proper” caveman film, while simultaneously juggling ridiculous science, hammy performances, weighty themes of the civilisation of man and special effects techniques which are by turns preposterous, inspired, and utterly despicable. In short, it constitutes a must-see proposition for anybody who loves completely ridiculous crap.

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