Cybersurfing: Moon & Grace at Sundance

Here are links to two reviews of MOON, the new science fiction film starring Sam Rockwell, which recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival

In the latter, Scott Weinberg had this to say:

Duncan Jones’ debut feature is one such science fiction film. Anchored by a fantastic Sam Rockwell performance, awash in the evocative sounds of Clint Mansell’s score, supported by some really excellent effects work, and conceived with a focus on both the speculative AND the humane, the aptly-title MOONis, quite simply, one of the most compelling sci-fi films of the past 20 years.

Weinberg also reviewed GRACE at Sundance:

On paper, much of what Grace is about sounds basically gross and entirely exploitative. But that’s why the horror genre is so awesome: It actually delivers surprises. So while I’m sure there’s a perfectly good B-movie to be mined from Solet’s concept, the simple fact is that this writer / director has a lot more on his mind than just a few good jolts and a handful of gooey gore. Like the best films (horror or otherwise), Grace works on a variety of disparate levels, and it’s tough to find a “weak link” in this debut feature. The pacing, the tone, the cast, the score, the confident approach to some potentially nefarious subject matter … this is not a horror film that feels like it comes from a first-timer. But perhaps a “new guy” is the only one who’d tackle such a risky concept, and it’s the genre fans who get to reap the rewards.

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