Cybersurfing: "Moonlight" Blood Drive

Alex O'Loughlin in MOONLIGHT

Let’s swim to the moon.
Let’s climb through the tide.
Penetrate the evening
That the city sleeps to hide.
-“Moonlight Drive” by Jim Morrison

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with The Doors, except for the pun in the title, but any excuse is a good one to quote Morrison’s lyrics – at least, that’s my philosophy.
Anyway, Solar Flare: Science Fiction and Fantsy News points us to a fan campaign designed to keep the television series MOONLIGHT on for a second season. Christine Contilli is calling for fans across the nation to organize blood drives as part of the campaign to save the show. As an alternative, fans can donate money to the Red Cross in MOONLIGHT’s name.
As Solar Flare points out, these fan campaigns are usually useless; they seldom work, and even when they do, the show lasts only another season at most. In this case, however, the blood drive and donations can accomplish some good in the real world.

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