Cybersurfing: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie review at And You Call Yourself a Scientist

Over at one of our favorite horror review websites, And You Call Yourself a Scientist, Liz Kingsley provides a detailed write-up of Jorge Grau’s 1974 zombie opus, also known as THE LIVING DEAD AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE.

One of the areas in which Let Sleeping Corpses Lie proves a fitting participant in the world of the Romero zombie film is in its various social concerns, specifically the ecological and the authoritarian. Indeed, this film frequently seems less a riff upon Night Of The Living Dead, and more a foreshadowing of Dawn Of The Dead. Its opening sequence is a jarring montage of a world in crisis. The streets are crowded and noisy; traffic is bumper to bumper; the air is polluted; birds lie dead in the gutters. Commuters stand in sheeplike queues, seemingly oblivious to the dirt and chaos around them – except for those few who try to protect themselves from their environment by wearing a surgical mask. In the sequence’s most startling moment, a young woman (who sports an impressive white-girl ’fro) drops her coat and sprints naked across the street. No-one reacts – except one bus driver, and he just seems annoyed that she’s holding up traffic.

Even if you have seen the film and read much about it, Kingsley’s insightful analysis is worth perusing at your leisure

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