"Knowing" the Future

Nicolas Cage in Melbourne to film KNOWING

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: TheAge.Com.Au offers an interview with Nicolas Cage, on location in Australia for KNOWING, an “apocalyptic” story about a man racing to prevent prophecies of doom from becoming reality:

“It’s subject matter that definitely makes one think about what one would do in the face of these incredible circumstances,” he said yesterday. “Where you go to find comfort, to survive it.”

Director Alex Proyas (DARK CITY) also offers his views on the subject:

Proyas said the Cold War and nuclear proliferation posed real threats to the world’s balance in decades past, which were examined by films of the era.
“You could probably argue that art exploring those ideas was partly responsible for holding us back from Armageddon. I feel it’s our duty in our era — we have other concerns, slightly different ones — to also fulfil that function,” he said.

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