2 Replies to “Cybersurfing: Is The Strangers the Most Effective Horror Movie Since Blair Witch?”

  1. What is your alternative?
    Just to be clear I do not think THE STRANGERS is the best anything, but its effect on the general public and even most of the hardened horror crowd is pretty undeniable.

  2. Well, first off, I think BLAIR WITCH is somewhat over-rated, so I wouldn’t use it as a yard stick. But even accepting its reputation at face value, it has been ten years since its release, so there are lots of alternatives for “most effective movie” since then. I would start with THE SIXTH SENSE, also released in 1999.
    As for the cultural impact of THE STRANGERS, the film was profitable compared to its low costs, but it was not a blockbuster that everyone saw. THE RING and THE GRUDGE are more well known and influential. The SAW films (love or or hate ’em) also had more impact, birthing the modern “torture porn” genre.
    This is not to say THE STRANGERS doesn’t work or isn’t effective, just that there have been a lot of good horror films since 1999.

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