Cybersurfing: Inkheart, Bloody Valentine Restored, Spirit

Brendan Fraser in INKHEART
Brendan Fraser in INKHEART

Business 24/7 has an interview with actor Brendan Fraser, who discusses his upcoming fantasy film INKHEART and his desire to do another MUMMY movie so that he can pay his mortgage.
Shock Till You Drop has an interview with the producer of the original version of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, who details the difficulties of restoring the film to its uncut form for DVD release. has an interview with actress Eva Mendes discussing THE SPIRIT.
Gary Westfahl declares that 1958 was Science Fiction Film’s “Sense of Wonderful” Year. Not that every sci-fi film released that year was great; Westfahl merely proclaims that the year was the most important in the genre’s history.

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